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Top 10 mistakes people make brushing their teeth

We brush our teeth everyday (or we should be!) and yet a lot of us make these common mistakes. Here are the Top 10 mistakes to avoid to have healthier, happier teeth. 1. Brushing once a day. And it's in the morning

At night is when the bacteria in your mouth come out to play for 8 hours.

2. Using a hard bristled toothbrush

Always stick to a SOFT or EXTRA SOFT. Medium and hard toothbrushes should not even be available on the supermarket shelf. Harder does not mean better, it can cause gum recession AND wear your teeth away

3. Rinsing with water after brushing

Spit out the excess and brush your tongue with your clean toothbrush. Leave the rest of the toothpaste to absorb overnight. You wouldn't shower right after you've applied sunscreen right?

4. Using a non fluoridated toothpaste

The topical application of fluoride on your teeth binds to the tooth surface enamel and makes them stronger, and more resistant to cavities. We encourage fluoride toothpaste to our own families and children, we use it ourselves, and also for our patients. A small pea size amount is enough|

5. Storing your toothbrush within 3 meters of the toilet

Flushing the toilet with the lid open is a big no no. Small micro droplets that you cannot see with the naked eye lands on your toothbrush...

6. Not replacing your toothbrush every season

When the bristles are no longer straight, but rather bendy and splayed- are not as effective. Also the bacteria still survive on your toothbrush, so it is best to replace the "germ-y" brush every 3-4 months.

7. Not brushing for long enough

2 minutes minimum. In front of the mirror. It just isn't possible to get every surface effectively in under that amount of time. Try to brush every surface of every tooth 10 strokes! Surely that takes more than 2 minutes unless you only have 4 teeth.

8. Not using dental floss

Brushing only gets the outside bits and not in between. Anything stuck between there (plaque, meat and vegetation) starts to decompose and feeds bacteria that rot your teeth and cause gum bleeding/early stages of gum disease.

9. Not cleaning your tongue

Use your toothbrush to also brush the white/yellow gunk off your tongue. Plaque sits around all surfaces since your mouth is one room. A rotten infected tooth spreads the germs to ALL the teeth, gums, tongue within your mouth- and no tooth is safe from that bacteria. It spreads even to people you share spit with including kissing your spouse/children, sharing spoons and forks.

10. Scrubbing too hard and side to side

In a hurry in the mornings or when you're half asleep - it's a very easy thing to do. But it also scrubs and peels back your gums over time- particularly with a medium or hard toothbrush causing gum recession. Always brush gently with a SOFT brush in circular "round and round" motions, or stroke up and down over your gums and teeth.

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