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Everything you need to maintain a healthy smile

Get a healthy, beautiful smile – and keep it that way. Even if you've been neglecting your teeth for decades, we can restore them to health with a full range of dental services.

Our expert dentists, Dr Young Kim, Dr Inah Mundy and Dr Lance Mundy, use the latest technology, techniques and products to give you the best possible results.


-Fillings and extractions.

-Root canal treatment.

-Wisdom tooth removal.

-Crowns and bridges.

-Government/MOH contract

providing free dentistry for 13-17 year olds



-Veneers and dental implants.

-Tooth whitening.

-Partial dentures.

-Orthodontics and Invisalign.



-Registered to provide ACC treatment.

-Pain relief.

-WINZ Quotes

We can help you take care of your smile.

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