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It's not just to make things look pretty

Let's get things straight.

With removable appliances, metal, ceramic braces or Invisalign you can
get the smile you've always wanted with Bays Dental.

Not only can misaligned teeth affect your confidence, they are more difficult to clean causing

increased chances of cavities and gum disease. Teeth biting incorrectly can cause wearing, chipping and unbalanced chewing which can deteriorate teeth over decades of eating.

With so many options, you can choose the treatment that best suits your teeth, your lifestyle, and your budget.

In-house, interest free payment plans are available with all orthodontic treatment with us.

All our Dentists have particular interest in Orthodontics, years of experience, and additional training overseas. This means you get a range of options for straightening misaligned teeth – from removable plates, to fixed metal or ceramic tooth-coloured braces, to Invisalign. Sometimes in combination with whitening and veneers.

Don't let crooked teeth let you down.

Click below for a FREE* initial orthodontic consultation.

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