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5 Teeth Tips For Easter

It's that time of year again, where giant 1.5kg chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns line the supermarket shelves even before you hit the fruit section.


Chocolate Eggs and Sticky hot cross buns... Delicious! Read on for advice from Dr Inah on what TO DO and NOT TO DO this Easter to save your teeth

It only happens once a year but these tips may help to lessen the burden on your teeth.

Tip Number 1:

Stay away from crunchy/hard sweets if you have large fillings, or weaker teeth

Tip Number 2:

Drink water and swish to rinse off some of that chocolate after you've had a treat

Tip Number 3:

Avoid brushing straight after eating any treats, foods or drinks.

Rather wait 30 minutes before brushing to avoid scrubbing away weakened enamel

Tip Number 4:

Floss and brush thoroughly if you've indulged in sweet treats to avoid holes between teeth

Tip Number 5:

If you feel any sensitivity after having chocolates or lollies- usually means there could be a cavity.

Give us a call to have it checked out before it gets worse.

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