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5 Great Reasons To See A Hygienist

We had a great response to our April promotion. For those left wondering, here are 5 great reasons why you should see a dental hygienist regularly:

1. Bleeding gums isn't okay

Brushing and flossing around your teeth and gums should not cause bleeding if everything is healthy. If plaque (fluffy bacterial layer) and food sits around your mouth for too long, the calcium in your saliva hardens it- becoming tartar. Millions of bacteria hang around, causing inflammation- swollen, bleeding, smelly, fragile and sore gums= GINGIVITIS

2. Avoid teeth falling out and becoming a pirate

PERIODONTITIS. Even the word sounds scary. If tartar stays around for too long, the bacteria not only erode the gums making the teeth look longer, the bone also gets "eaten" away and teeth become loose. If not treated early, teeth may fall out or become infected due to the lack of gum and bone support to hold the tooth in place and protect it.

3. Keep 'em Pearly White

Surface staining from wine, coffee, tea, curry- colourful foods and smoking can all be cleaned away.

4. Stay fighting fit

On a more serious note, prevent heart complications and other medical problems such as diabetes by keeping your gums healthy. Poor gum and dental health can directly transport bacteria in your mouth and into the blood stream to make cardiovascular disease and blood glucose control more difficult.

5. Get more kisses

Fresher breath, and improved taste. Your partner, kids and maybe even your dog will enjoy kissing you more than normal! Remember, bacteria that cause gum disease and cavities are infectious- so you can spread it to your nearest and dearest.

Routine 6 monthly hygiene scaling will clean off all the debris and gunk off the teeth, which will allow the gums recover and stop bleeding. If scaling is delayed too far beyond a yearly visit, the gums can become inflamed and swollen again- and hygiene cleaning can be quite sensitive and tender- the longer you wait. Having it done regularly will make the procedure more comfortable – promise!

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