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The Flossing Debate

You might have seen all this kerfuffle online and social media about not needing to floss any more. Don't throw out that roll of floss quite yet!

The problem with the statement that: "Flossing doesn't lower your risk of gum disease" is that the studies that were reviewed only followed the test subjects for 1-3 months. BUT gum disease actually takes 5-10 years to develop, and so of course those studies didn't show an improvement in preventing gum disease at all. However the studies did show that "regular flossing reduces bleeding gums"- and bleeding gums (otherwise known as Gingivitis) is an early stage of advanced gum disease (Periodontitis).

The biggest and most important thing that the recent review missed, is that flossing prevents tooth decay and cavities! Tooth brushing only reaches the outside surfaces of our teeth, and not those in between.

Have you ever smelt what's on the floss after you've used it? Give it a go next time- it is absolutely gross.

Also remember that Gum Disease and Tooth Decay are both infectious diseases that are spread through spit/saliva. Be mindful of your loved ones and those that you kiss.

Advice from Bays Dental:

  • Brush twice a day

  • Floss between all your teeth, daily at night

  • Spit and don't rinse out the toothpaste

  • Lastly, and most importantly see your dentist and hygienist every 6 months for your routine exam/scale and polish- just like a WOF for your car.

Keep things serviced/well checked, and there should be no major problems- only maintenance.

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