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Teeth tip #1: Be careful what you're drinking

Sugar is no longer the biggest enemy to your smile. “Some drinks you've been told are "healthy" are often acidic (low pH). A few to keep an eye out for are: freshly squeezed juice, lemon water, apple cider vinegar, kombucha, bubblies such as Sodastream, soda or sparkling water (sugar free). All of these dissolve your teeth over time. Traditional cola, and fizzy drinks are of course the well known culprits- but beware of the hidden acids as they strip off the white protective enamel layer, leaving thin, yellow, sensitive, decay-prone teeth. Plain, still or tap water is best as a daily drink. If you do drink something more acidic or teeth-weakening, avoid brushing your teeth straight away. This will further furiously scrub off already weakened enamel. Rather rinse/or swish your mouth with plain water to dilute the acidity and/or sugar away. It is safe to brush 30minutes after eating or drinking once your saliva has buffered and neutralised. Reusable metal straws are not only environmentally friendly, but also if pushed far back on the tongue enough- it will help to protect your pearly whites by preventing drinks from coating your teeth with the acidic (or sugary) liquid. In the summer, this is also a great idea for iced coffee/americano to prevent staining of your teeth and make whitening last longer! Keep your eyes peeled for more Teeth Tips by Dr Inah, or check out more interesting topics here on our blog 

If you're worried about possible erosion and wanted to discuss this further with a dentist, please call us or fill out the form below to make an appointment.

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