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Straight Teeth Are Healthier Teeth

You only have to glance at a billboard or flip open a magazine to understand why more and more people are becoming increasingly self-conscious of their smiles. However unless significant orthodontic issues are apparent, a beautiful, straight smile has long been heralded as something you want and not always something you feel you need - until now.

Research shows there is a direct correlation between dental health and overall health. People who suffer from crowding, spacing and bite issues have an increased susceptibility to sensitivity, inflamed and bleeding gums, gingival recession, loose teeth, an increased chance of abnormal wear patterns on their teeth, bone loss and potential discolouration of their teeth where crowded. Poorly aligned teeth can also put more stress on the supporting jaw bone and joints.

According to Dr Inah Mundy, "Teeth that are somewhat crooked are much harder to keep clean, so often we find that these are commonly more affected by dental diseases."

Whilst it seems logical that everyone should invest in orthodontic treatments to promote better oral health in the long run, by using traditional fixed appliances (such as metal braces) patients can suffer from compromised oral hygiene in the short term. This is due to an increase in plaque accumulation around bands and brackets and a more difficult cleaning regime. Luckily, orthodontic advancements have introduced new options for patients that overcome this issue, such as Invisalign. Invisalign has not only proven to be an effective treatment alternative to braces, but the removable nature of the aligners mean Invisalign also allows for optimum oral health during treatment.

"Invisalign straightens teeth by using a series of clear, removable aligners. Unlike braces, these clear aligners can be removed allowing users to eat and brush their teeth as usual and unlike veneers and other 'cosmetic' treatments, Invisalign is completely natural and gentle on teeth and gums," comments Dr Mundy.

The good news is thanks to Invisalign it's never too late to get the smile you deserve and the added benefits can improve your health and wellbeing along the way.

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