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Let's Talk Coffee

Coffee has become one of the biggest social type activities around. You go catch up with a friend for a coffee.. its awesome! We like coffee too but we want to give you a few things to think about when ordering your next coffee... 1. HOW MANY SUGARS ARE YOU ADDING? -coffee is slightly acidic by itself so adding sugar to this can be a recipe for decay especially if you are having multiple a day

2. HOW MANY COFFEES PER DAY ARE YOU HAVING? - due to coffee having a slightly acidic nature having multiple per day can increase risk for decay. It is also dehydrating for your body which in turn can dehydrate your oral cavity.


-coffee can stain, so if you are wanting to keep your teeth pearly white we recommend reducing amount of coffees per day and drinking a slightly cooled coffee through a reusable straw.

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