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It's Not All About Straight Teeth

For mums and dads out there with primary school children, we at Bays Dental recommend to have your child no later than age 8, to have an orthodontic screening assessment.

This is especially important for kids that have a history of or currently mouth breathes, thumb sucks or grinds their teeth during sleeping. Does your child sit there with their mouth open all the time? Is their nose constantly blocked? There could be some underlying problems that is not easily visible.

In some situations, an early diagnosis could help to treat problems before they worsen and prevent further issues in teenage years. Or in other cases, some orthodontic problems are better left treated when older and all the adult teeth have come through. But if your child never gets checked or screened in the first place, you could miss out on the chance for early intervention treatment, to prevent major problems (and therefore extensive treatment as well).

At Bays Dental we treat both children, teenagers, and adults with orthodontic problems using a range of treatment options including removable plates, metal and ceramic braces, and also Invisalign (clear aligners).

We believe that no one should miss out on the screening process of whether yourself or your child has an orthodontic problem, and what treatment options are possible. So we offer FREE initial orthodontic evaluations,and in-house interest free financial plans to pay account off as the treatment progresses.

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