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Insights on Perfecting Your Smile

Straight, white, sparkling teeth are the benchmarks of a beautiful smile and now, thanks to advances in orthodontic procedures, this ideal has become a reality for almost anyone willing to make a commitment to perfecting their smile. And the benefits may go far beyond just being aesthetic – research has revealed the link between smiling and well-being and also, that those who smile are often perceived to be more open and positive than their non- smiling contemporaries.

According to Dr Lance Mundy, "A fresh, beautiful smile is, by nature of its appearance, associated with health and vitality. In this context, the psychological impact of having a great set of teeth can't be underestimated. It is common in our practice to see that patients who have undergone orthodontic treatments smile more; they are more confident and gregarious. Having a great smile does wonders to your self-esteem, and it is a well- documented fact that your state of mind greatly affects your overall well-being."

So what are people doing to achieve the perfect smile? Bays Dental sees patients of all ages who are looking for solutions that can offer straight, white teeth. "Although traditionally teeth straightening is best done in the teen years, more and more adults are opting for this treatment as an effective and non-invasive way to greatly improve their smiles. With the introduction of Invisalign clear aligners, the stigma of having to wear braces is eliminated and many adults are attracted to the idea of being able to achieve a straighter smile without the limitations on professional and social lives that braces impose."

Dr Lance Mundy believes that, "There is no theoretical age limit on tooth straightening, but it must be remembered that with adults the teeth are more prone to wanting to rebound back into their crowded positions, so it is important to note that straightening of teeth does require some long-term retention."

Beyond looking and feeling better, straight teeth offer real dental health benefits too. "It is true that teeth and gums are often afflicted with oral diseases such as decay and gingivitis in areas where plaque deposits form, harbouring bacteria that precipitate these conditions. Teeth that are somewhat crooked are much harder to keep clean, so often we find that these are commonly more afflicted by dental diseases."

Dr Mundy believes that there are treatment options for almost every smile. "With the constant refinement of the product and procedures, Invisalign has uncovered a whole new dimension to the treatment of complex cases that were once limited by less sophisticated treatment modalities. Amazing results can be achieved for even the most challenging of orthodontic cases."

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