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How much sugar do you start your day with?

Many of us start our day with a pre-packaged breakfast cereal or breakfast drink. They taste really good and give us a quick energy boost for the first hour of our day. Unfortunately that energy boost crashes quickly after about an hour and that is because of the massively high sugar content in all of these cereals/drinks.

Sugar affects our body negatively in so many different ways it causes inflammation within our bodies, increases our risk to tooth decay, causes weight gain and overtime could cause us to develop things like Type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease etc.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day it starts off our metabolism helping you burn calories throughout the day and gives us energy. That is only if we are eating wholesome, fresh foods which are refined sugar free.

Our whole body is connected; most foods/ drinks which negatively affect our teeth also negatively affect other organs in our body if consumed at too high a level or too regularly!Below are some delicious breakfast ideas which will help you to stay clear of those sugar packed items:

Option 1: Porridge (very important that it is plain oats not the packet with flavour in it) instead of brown sugar you can top your porridge off with mixed berries, banana or kiwifruit

Option 2: Overnight oats (Rolled oats, Coconut Milk, Frozen berries and Chia Seeds) Mix all ingredients together put in a container and leave overnight

Option 3: Bacon, Eggs, Mushroom and onion

Option 4: Omelette with Veggies/ Meat you desire

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