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Hey, Students! Do you want one less worry?

Did you know that between the ages of 18-30, are the toughest times on your teeth?

We know that turning 18 and leaving school, the free dentistry is over, you may have a student loan, a buzzing party life with alcohol, caffeine and energy drinks. Flossing is probably the last thing on your mind.

The young and free lifestyle could end up being one of the most damaging times on your teeth (and your wallet) if left neglected.

The good stuff doesn't end completely once you turn 18 at Bays Dental.

We offer all tertiary students,10% student discount rates on treatment and visits, plus we have interest free payment plans too.

Just bring along your valid student ID card so we can help you maintain and achieve a healthy smile.

There... One less thing to worry about!

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