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Covid-19 Stage 2 Updates

Dear Bays Dental Friends and Families,

Last night (Sunday 22nd March 2020), NZ Ministry of Health and NZ Dental Council has announced to all dentists around Aotearoa that we are now only to see emergency/essential treatment to limit the spread of COVID19 to our team, dentists and also other fellow patients.

This means we can continue to see you for:

- Toothache/Pain (enough to need pain medication)- not mild sensitivity

- Broken teeth causing discomfort

- Fillings to treat Deep decay

- Root Canal Treatment to treat infection/toothache

I- nfections/Swellings

- ACC/Trauma

- Emergency treatment

- Finishing/cementing crowns and bridges

Unfortunately we will need to reschedule/postpone all appointments including:

- Routine Examination/Yearly Check Ups

- Scale and Polish

- Deep Scaling

- Reviews

- Fillings for mild- moderate decay

- Starting New Crowns/Bridges

- Cosmetic Work

- Whitening

- Orthodontics/ monthly adjustments

At this stage, we will not be able to offer you a date to reschedule your appointment- however you will be placed on a Follow up/Waitlist to rebook your appointment as soon as we are able/cleared to see you. Right now, it is unknown to all of us when this will be exactly- but we hope that we can see you in the next month or two.

These measures have been placed by the Ministry of Health to limit unnecessary person to person interactions and exposure- and therefore combat the spread of COVID19.

We understand that this can be incredibly frustrating, it is for us too- but together we can all work through this so we come out the other end stronger and healthier. Things may continue to change over the next week or two, we are guided by the government and we will update you when we can.

Please feel free to call us 09 410 0042, or email us and we can try and help you the best that we can.

Stay Strong, Be Kind, Look after one another


Drs Inah, Lance, Young and the entire Bays Dental Team.

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