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5 Tips For valentines Day

Tips for a fresher breath this Valentines...

1. Quit Smoking

(your teeth, gums, your body and your partner will thank you for it)

2. Brush and Floss Daily

(leaving food/bacteria between your teeth- if you don't floss, will start to compost/breakdown and cause bad breath, cavities and gum disease)

3. Get a professional clean/scale and polish

(tartar build up, is the biggest cause of bleeding gums and also bad breath. Usually it looks like yellow, grey or brown hard concrete bits stuck on and between the teeth. Tartar contains old food, and bacteria which hangs around and decomposes causing an odour. 6 monthly scaling keeps the tartar off your teeth- like a big spring clean)

4. Chew sugar-free gum

(not only does it smell minty fresh, the sticky gum actually grabs food particles off your teeth leaving it squeaky clean)

5. Brush your tongue

(your tongue makes up a huge surface area in your mouth, and it has tiny little bumps which collect old food and bacteria particles. Brush it daily with your normal toothbrush to significantly improve your breath!)

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